Zell Miller Scholarship Appeals Process

Students that received their final award notice and did not receive a Zell Miller Scholarship can appeal the decision by completing an Appeals Application.  The, “Request for Review of Zell Miller Scholar Status,” can be completed and submitted to the Georgia Student Finance Commission, who will review your application again to determine if you qualify for a Zell Miller Scholarship. 

The Appeals application requests:

-  Personal Identification Information

-  High School Graduation Information

-  Standardized Test Information with copies of test scores

Students must also sign and date the application in order for the GSFC to review your application.

Once the GSFC has reviewed your application then you will receive a decision letter indicating if you are qualified to receive a Zell Miller Scholarship.  The decision letter will explain the decision as to why you are / are no eligible to receive the Zell Miller Scholarship for the upcoming school year.   Your school’s financial aid office will also receive a decision letter as well.

If you do meet the eligibility criteria to receive the Zell Miller Scholarship, you must continue to meet all other Hope eligibility requirements. 

It’s important that you complete your Appeals application as soon as possible if you feel that you qualify to receive a Zell Miller scholarship, since the review process takes time to complete. 

Students that have submitted their Appeals letter, but have not received a decision letter in the mail then you should contact the Georgia Student Finance Commission at (800) 505-4732 to confirm that your application has been received.
Zell Miller Application